We don't know yet if baby goose Nowak is a he or a she, so the nursery is certainly not finished being decorated, but as far as furniture goes, it's all there. Pop-pop (my great-grandfather on my mother's mother's side) made that crib (and the bookshelf behind the rocking chair and the dresser that's not pictured cause it has bills on it), and I'm excited that it's usable and pretty enough to live in our nursery. The rocking chair was a gift from a friend of Grandma's before our wedding, and I think it's perfect. The curtains and the rug are from Ikea.

This room has been a storage room since we moved in, holding pieces for every other room, and though it still has a stack of dining room chairs, boxes of tiles, and some random kitchen stuff here and there, it's getting close to nurseryish.

If you notice details, you may notice that there's a piece of art above the rocking chair with a couple of "C"s on it and another "C" on the bookshelf. That's because baby Nowak's name begins with a C, boy or girl. Guesses are welcome.

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