eleven weeks

Yes, I need to post more than once a week and maybe talk about something other than the baby I'm currently hosting.  But, it's the most exciting and new thing in the world, so you're gonna have to get used to hearing about it. Sleep. If you were my best friend, you'd be like, "Amanda and sleep are closer than Amanda and I." It wouldn't be a lie. Sleep and I are forever friends who don't hang out like we used to. Sleep. I miss you.

Today we helped a family move, and I was mostly unpacking/sorting, but whenever I thought about lifting anything, someone else would rush to me and snatch it away. Guess what pregnant chicks get to carry? The pillows.

This week was a mix of icky, dreary rain and perfect, breezy sunshine. So, it was a mix of working inside and dreading the trip to the mailbox, and frolicking through gardens after making animal noises to every creature at the zoo. My parents happen to be my boss and office manager, and they're out of town this week. It's a mix of crazy hectic cause I'm doing everything alone, and chill cause I'm not stressed.

Matt's birthday is next month, and while I was looking at presents I was like what's the line between I-want-to-do-something-nice-for-him and what-were-you-thinking-spending-that-much? I hate that line. But there's a bonfire on the horizon (which is Matt's birthday of choice), so in the end it'll be the friends and family that steal the show.

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