oh, deer me

If I were a hunter I would hunt white ceramic animals with golden horns, but since I'm not, it's handy they sell their heads at TJMaxx. I'm certainly not sure that I'm done with their foam flower crowns (which I cut out while half-watching an episode of Heroes with the fam), but they needed something soft and colorful to break up the hard and white. That middle fellow has been around for at least a year, and you can see him in the grainy picture of our apartment living room in this picture. It's crazy fun how life evolves.

Do you see how dull-yellow our new yellow couch makes our old yellow couch look? Like post-it yellow compared to yield-sign yellow. The good news ins, I can't decide which one I'd rather sit on, which makes them both useful + the new one has a bed in case you visit and prefer to sleep in a neon couch instead of a twin bed.

Speaking of choosing, do you like the white deer or fantasy elk/donkey better? I couldn't decide (obviously), which is how they both made their way into my cart. Normally (though you can't tell from this post) I'm incredibly decisive, but not today.

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