July 4th

In other, non- Josh Turner related news, (which is how I'm going to begin all of my blog posts from now on) we've had a blast in North Carolina so far. Those tomatoes are from our garden before we left, and Jewel made us a raspberry, apple pie for the road. Also, lake time and fireworks were a blast (yes, my vocabulary seems to be limited when it comes to choosing words that mean "intense fun"). We took tons more pictures today out on the lake with a water-proof camera. So fun.


  1. epic, n if i had my own blog... which someday i might... we had Big n Rich play here at the soupbowl. Now if only i could get Taylor Swift here I'd be a happy guy...

    1. I think everyone should keep a blog! It's more or less like an evolving diary and when no one else reads it but me, I'll still read it. :)


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