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Happy 4th of July, y'all! When my Aunt and Uncle invited us down to Fort Bragg's July 4th's celebration, one of the things I was most looking forward to was hearing Josh Turner live. As a teen especially, my friends and I used to geek out over his deep voice in "Your Man" and "Why don't we just dance?". Other songs too of course: Long Black Train, Me and God, and Would You Go with Me? But as it turns out, my Uncle is the head of Morale, Welfare, and Recreation, which means he was in charge of this whole 56,000 person party. So, we got in to the meet and greet, which was kind of awesome, just to get a personal picture with him. When we went back for the group picture after the individuals he said, "A reunion already?" He was a nice guy.

Later in the day, during the concert, Eric, who was too important to sit still with us most of the day, came by and asked us if we wanted to get up close to the stage. At first it was like, well, we already met him, so it's ok if we don't, but when my Aunt Dani and I accepted his invitation Eric brought us all the way up front. He took us through all the V.I.P.s (which we were), past everyone. He took us through the final gate, where NO ONE was, right up to the stage. So, literally, we were the closest you could be while he was singing. It was way more amazing to be singing along with him twenty feet away, with our hands on the stage, than it was to get a picture with him. So exciting. Seriously. At the end, when they all threw their guitar picks into the crowd, I got one. When we came back to the rest of our group, I was so excited to show everyone the pictures and the pick and scream and talk a million miles an hour, that Matt said he thought I had gotten my hands on some of the free V.I.P. beer.

Such a fun day.

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