around the house- july

  • The garden is still spewing tomatoes. It is kind of fantastic, but at the same time, a meal without a tomato or two sounds like a treat of its own. 
  • The baby girl I watch is almost one. ONE! Even though that's kind of like the youngest you can be, it's still so big. Pretty girl.
  • We had a cupcake war at the church. I don't bake, and it was kind of a miracle that the cupcakes tasted pretty good.
  • I love Tater. I feel like I'm always mentioning how not cuddly he is, which I've realized lately is because he doesn't ever just hop up on our laps and settle down, but after I gave him his flea medicine the other day he was eternally snuggly. It was like a giant, furry thank you hug. I'm such a cat person.


  1. What about Max? We haven't seen him in a while. Congrats on the cupcakes.

    1. I had already published the next post, before I even saw this comment. :) He's a old man, but a sweetie.


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