Holidays are funny. They're a little magical, but the magic is in making a big deal of each other. The magic is in the high heels, hand holding, and sappy, hand-written notes. More than anything in the world, I think I love when a day becomes magical by the sweet collection of moments set aside for each other. Matt and I keep noticing over and over in the Bible that it all revolves around love. It's threaded throughout the Bible as the end of the commandment and the way to walk worthy: Love. love, and amazingly, more love. Together, we're praying we'll show everyone around us more of God's love.


  1. Both of you personify the power of love !
    Just go on like this and every one will be happy all around you ♥
    Please pet Max and Tater for me !
    Kind regards

    1. Thank you! Any excuse to love on our babies is welcome! :)


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