house update: living room

Warning: I could also call this post "My cat posing on my couch". He's such a model

For months now we've opened the door to our new house and walked into an empty, paneled living room with dirty carpet. I had dreams. Dreams of hardwood floors covered in this rug.  I also dreamed our living room would have a tufted couch, fluffy sheepskins, live plants, and enough pink to make it girly. Basically, I was dreaming of Emily Henderson's previous living room. Guess what? After twenty-sevenish coats of primer and paint, some carpet tearing up, and some furniture bringing in, when we walk into our home, it looks like a living room! And not just any living room. It's a lovely living room!

We spent $200 on that rug at Garden Ridge instead of $900 from West Elm, and I love the awesome softness that welcomes our feet on a daily basis. Since we finished bringing in the furniture, we've had several sets of people over! We still haven't had over everyone we want to, but we're excited to finally have a place for people to sit so we can play a board game, eat food, and generally enjoy fellowship with each other. I love this little house.

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