This appears to run in my family. I get stressed out in a weird way. If I have any control over the situation, but not complete control, that stresses me out. If I have no control over the situation, that's cool. Everything is on someone else's shoulders. If I have all control of a situation, that's cool too. All or nothing: That's my motto. This half way thing is when I just wanna retreat from the situation and let someone else hold it. My parents are both like this too.  I had never really thought about it until today, but it's something we all share. The need to be in full control, or have no say at all. Some people aren't like this. Some people just roll with whatever, adapting to the situation. That's a nice trait. Do you think I could use the word 'situation' one more time?

Weird, the habits in life that are hardest to break. Things you only think about when watching someone else act the same way that you know you were acting yesterday. You think, 'What's up with this person? Settle down. This always goes well. Your stress level isn't going to help it go better. Have you even prayed about it?,' when two days before you were acting crazy stressed just because you didn't fully understand the situation that you were headed into. Same - same. The point of all of this is that it's easier to see someone else's faults than your own, and it's easier to know exactly what they need to do to fix it when you aren't the one who is currently stressed.

So, anyways. I only blogged twice last month. Which is strange because we have a house now, and there's stuff to say, but I over think it. If there's one thing I do more than I talk, it's think. So here's some catch up. This post might get long, but I'm typing it regardless.

Our porch roof was leaking awhile back. Like, at the beginning of last month. We hadn't planned on replacing the porch roof. We had other things to do at the house with our time and money, but leakage changes plans. Also, our shower started draining slow. Then, or washing machine didn't drain at all and our toilet wasn't flushing. This was the week of Thanksgiving, and judging by the tone of our home warranty company, everyone's house was falling apart that week. Sorry, but showers and toilets have kinda become something we like to use. The plumber came out and tried to snake it for like three hours. We didn't have a clean out (thing in front yard that allows access to pipes), so it was harder than normal for him. He wasn't able to make any progress, but he did tell Matt what needed to be done (which he was planning on coming back and doing). Instead of rescheduling him, Matt (+ some family and friends) dug up our front flower bed, broke the pipe, snaked it out, fixed the problem, and installed two one-way clean outs. Like pros. It was wayyy cheaper to do it ourselves (I only ran water on command, and baked apple pie while they worked. That was the extent of my helping), and everything is fixed. I'm so thankful that God saw fit to give me such an amazing husband. You know all those things that the "perfect" husband is capable of doing? Yep. Matt can do them. Ok, now roofing.

We bought everything we need for the porch re-roofing and Matt and some friends have torn all the porch roof off and replaced the boards and tar paper. There's still other work. You probably know more about it than me, but it's progress anyways. Our living room is ready to be primed and I'm going to start that this afternoon. So, we haven't made the same progress we were planning on making, but we've still made progress. Like two steps back, three steps forward. Not exactly what we were planning, but it's all good. God has provided our EVERY need. Even when we don't know we're going to have a need, He provides for it. It's been amazing.

Matt saves all of his tip money. He always has. He calls it "The Amanda Fund". We go on dates and such with it. Apparently though, he's been holding out on me. The other day he gave me $500 from it and told me to get a good deal on a new camera. The only camera we have is my ipad. No biggie, but $500 goes a long way on Cyber Monday. After getting some advice from a friend of ours who knows her cameras, we bought a Canon t3i with a lens. I know nothing about cameras, but I'm so excited to have a decent camera and start capturing things. Mostly, Matt and I. I feel like it's been along time since we has any decent pictures of us.The point being, I'm so thankful. For way too many things to name.

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