herringbone flooring

Some people find winter to be depressing, but I love the atmosphere of the winter months. The hot chocolate, egg nog, soft sweaters, glittery decorations, and holiday records are all on my why-can't-these-things-be-all-year-round list. Also, my love for sheep skins (faux and real) makes more sense when it's cold out. On Sunday I went to the closet to grab a warm jacket and came away with my fox fur coat on. It's that one I'm wearing there on the top right hand side of my blog. Matt bought it at Thrift for $1, but I've never worn it in public before, cause it's a little fluffy. Definitely an acceptable decision, even though people called me a wide range of poofy names. Have you ever worn a fur coat with velvet inside the pockets? Made me feel like a rich kid.

 We've been making little updates here and there, and our home is starting to look more like a real house. We got a $16 rug (craigslist) which (after an intense cleaning) is sitting pretty in one of the upstairs rooms. Look at the blues in that. Yummy. Also, I bought a roll of glitter "wall border" from Wal*Mart for $5 and I love how a little piece of it makes my Grandma's old spaghetti noodle holder a sparkly paintbrush holder. If I could cover the majority of things in gold glitter, believe me, I would. I don't know if Matt would appreciate it though. Speaking of Matt: Let me show you something he finished recently.

This is our downstairs hallway. I showed you the hardwoods in my last post, after I removed the carpet. Underneath we revealed what used to be a furnace grate, but had been filled in with plywood. We knew it was there and decided that, instead of re-flooring the entire down stairs, or trying to match the existing hallway, we would fill it in with something different. Matt has never done any flooring at all, but whipped this out in a couple of hours. It's like a piece of art. Herringbone art. In our hallway. Seriously, he's amazing. Still the living room and kitchen are basically untouched and the bathroom needs work, but I'm so excited about the progress. Here's hoping we'll be able to have a egg nog housewarming party sometime before the chill wears off.

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