Most of my favorite things are some sort of organic shape. Now that I'm packing, I find myself wishing everything we own was either a square or rectangle. Fit, will ya? I just finished our first roll of packing tape, and it felt like a small sort of accomplishment. It's all so real right now. Four weeks from right now, we will be driving out of Tennessee towards our very first house. Did you hear? We got the house! Now only the inspection to go. *happy dance*

Soon. Very soon, we will have a home. Home. So exciting. Oh, also. I got a raise. A raise at the job I'm headed to in Virginia. What? I know. I haven't even started it yet, but they upped my hours which ups the money. An extra almost $3,000 a year that we weren't counting on when we were looking at houses/loans. God is so good to us. I'll give you a money break down once it's all squared away; plus a hundred or so pictures of our house as we're buying it (fixer upper!), so you can appreciate the transformation. If I sound like I'm counting my chickens before the hatch, I may be. It's just that I trust God to give us whatever's best for us, so even if this one falls through it'll be to make way for a better one. But out of the hundreds of houses we've looked at, this is our favorite. Not for curb appeal, but for potential. :)

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