quiet moments

Sometimes I think I'll start jotting notes to you every day, just to keep in touch. My head is crammed with projects to complete, pictures to take, and moments to capture, but it all slips past. My "perfect" mac computer {which I seriously enjoy} is having some sort of problem that makes pictures and blogs a no-go. So, every pretty moment we enjoy and every Christmas detail we add a sparkle to gets lost in the "oh, no one outside of this house has seen that? huh." file, which may be bigger than you think.

This week I worked 38 hours. For a part timer like me, that's like a lifetime. In the midst of all the time worked there were quiet moments though. A few Christmas projects got finished before the rush sets in. There is a pile of wrapped presents on my dresser, and our new {second-hand} record player has been keeping me and Tater company while we wait for Matt. Also, we got a tree. It's a pretty little fir tree that we chopped down in a near by forest. {Don't worry, we know the guy who owns it}. It's raining now, and there's a quart and a half of peanut butter chocolate ice cream with two spoons to be shared in the light of the Christmas tree. I'll talk to you later. Well, maybe sooner rather than later.

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