Fall break is coming to a chilly close, and I'm recapping what we've accomplished over this long weekend. The bedroom is 3/4 painted, and the furniture is rearranged to cover the air conditioner and uncover the heater. Matt has made a couple of things with his scrollsaw {secret Christmas gifts}, and I have finished sewing my first teddy bear. {insert applause here} Anyone who knows me well, knows that I get easily frustrated with sewing projects and tend not to finish them out of anger toward the machine. In this case, I opted to not tell anyone I was working on it, which allowed me to have a slow and steady pace ending in a finished product. We named him Switzerland because his marshmallow nose floating in a sea of chocolate only makes us think of one thing this time of year: Swiss Miss, and thus Switzerland. Yep, if we pretend the fresh coat of white is snow instead of paint, it's basically a winter wonderland up in here.

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