Lately, Matt and I have been thinking about what separates women from men, girls from boys, aside from the obvious biological differences. Mostly, we have been thinking about our future family and the example that we want to set {me for our daughters and him for our sons}.

Growing up, I wasn't feminine. I mean, I wore skirts all the time, and liked to look nice as often as possible, but I've never been graceful, gentle, or quiet. Maybe you don't think you have to be gentle, graceful, or quiet to be feminine, and maybe you're right, but when I picture a kind, compassionate woman, she possesses those attributes. Maybe she doesn't even wear skirts all the time. Maybe she's just kind, quiet, graceful, and caring.

I'm putting this out into the blogging world because it's something we've been thinking and talking about. The girls who I grew up with {who I want my daughters to model after} are good at baking, sewing, helping, cleaning, and loving. Maybe they aren't as good at schoolwork or athletics, but maybe those aren't as important.

Mostly, we want to major on important things. Having a disciplined life {school included}, being kind to others, and learning helpful skills are some of the important qualities we want our daughters to grow up to posses. Last night I dreamt that we had a baby girl, so baby has been on the brain more today than usual. I want to be a Godly example of a woman, wife, and mother to my daughters. I'm working on myself.

Here are some of the goals I have for myself:

1. Get into a regular habit of personal devotions.
Matt and I have a regular habit of devotions together, but I want to get into a routine for myself instead of the scattered situation I'm currently in. I think I'll start doing them at lunch, because I'm normally alone for that period.

2. Curb my selfish attitude.
I guess this is just human nature, but I'm pretty sure I have a worse case of selfishness than normal. In any case, with God as my help, and Matt as my accountability, I want to start doing more for others. Starting right here, in this little apartment.

3. Work at things until I get good at them.
Like everyone else in the world, I don't like to do things that I am not good at. Unlike everyone else in the world, if it doesn't come easily, I tend to let it slide. School? School comes easy. I like to do school. For a lot of my classes, I work up to a month ahead. Painting? Eh. Some things look good, other things get tossed. Sewing? Same. Cleaning? Not my favorite. But if I worked hard to get good at things, I know I would do them more because I would enjoy them. Instead of being "ok" at everything, I'd like to be really good at a couple of things. It all comes back to being disciplined and setting that example for our children. Especially since the two things I've spent the most time getting good at {soccer and school} are things I probably won't be actively involved in after next semester.

What do you think about femininity? Am I the only one who can only think of a handful of young ladies {not women} who are kind, graceful, and quiet? In the end, I think it mostly comes from your relationship with the Lord. What do you think?

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  1. I think of feminity as how to it relates to your called role in serving the Lord and serving your family. These roles are a mixture of what the Bible explicitly calls women to do (as in Titus 2) and who God has made each individual woman to be at a certain time in her life. I believe feminity is not necessarily specific tasks or skills a woman has, but how she is called to serve and love and her attitude in those areas. :) This all sounds well and good...but I'm not the best at it :)I just like the idea of it all...Some great books by amazing Feminine women are Carolyn Mahaney's "Feminie Appeal", and Susan Hunt's "By Design" and "The True Woman".


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