mr. tot

This kitten is precious. Today, I am sick. No details necessary, but the nasty kind of sick that no one wants to be. So, I am home from school and work, washing saltine crackers down with water, and enjoying a kitten who completely understands that I need to be snuggled with today.

He's part of our little family. We got him a collar which (after we removed the bell that terrified him) he wears quite dashingly. Remember when Lady gets her collar in Lady and the Tramp? It's one of Tater's favorite movies, so we got him a blue one just like her. Yes, Tater Tot does like certain movies better than others. Most movies we watch he just sleeps through, but he was glued to the screen for Lady and the Tramp. Might have had something to do with all the barking. :)

Also, he loved How to Train Your Dragon. Tater Tot kinda reminds us of Toothless, so we were tickled when it caught his attention. During one of the final end scenes, he left his place on Matthew's swivel chair and climbed up onto my desk to be closer to the movie. His eyes flickered around the scene, and we felt like he was genuinely worried about the well-being of the characters. That one's a nail biter. Eh, Tater? :) So cute.

Today I am thanking the Lord for feline nurses, cozy blankets, and a husband who can't wait to get home to me. Even in sickness, I'm super blessed.

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