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Um, I've posted six times this month and it's coming to a sharp close. It's a tiny miracle anyone is still reading. It isn't that I have nothing to say. In fact, I'm always thinking of things to say {which I'm going to just start saying}, but I wanted to let you know that I no longer have a camera. My "real" camera randomly started having trouble uploading pictures to my laptop a couple of months ago, so I started using my iphone exclusively, but {as I told you} I no longer have an iphone, so now we have zero picture taking capabilities.

Matthew's birthday is coming up and he wants a video camera, so we're thinking about splurging and getting a decent one, but for us a splurge is a couple hundred, and after some research I found that most of my favorite blogs are using cameras that cost $1,000+! Yikes. We're too cheap for that, but you can't buy a good camera second hand, so we're looking around. Any experience with a camera that takes great video/pictures and isn't a fortune? Cause text posts are boring, and the sooner you help us, the sooner I give you a pretty little something to relieve your eyes from the black and white.

See how I made it seem like I'm getting this camera for you? Well, I kinda am. You and memories we're missing as the days slip away.


  1. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004J3Y9U6/ref=oh_details_o00_s01_i00

    This is what we have and I think it does really well for the price! I don't know how fancy you would like, but it has a lot of availability for upgrading and still works great with what they give you.

  2. Depending on your price range...Canon has some good ones.

    for around 400

    for around 100

    If you want a cheap, yet effective and lightweight video camera, I like Flipcams. They are small, durable, and you can buy an HD one for a little more. Plus, you can actually make pictures from the video you take.


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