death and taxes

My day was cluttered with them. This morning, after my husband made a yummy breakfast of eggs, fried bologna, and toast, I went to dump my scraps into our mouse cage. One of our mice was running merrily on the wheel, but the other was laying in the cage, very still. His eyes were open, but I assumed him to be resting.

I've never had a pet die before. It seems strange to me, especially since Fievel was only a mouse, that I was even attached to him. I didn't expect my stomach to ache over one of our little mice. I just kept saying, "Poor little mouse." and I felt like we should have given him cheese more frequently. Makes me want to spoil our other mouse a little. Justifiable? I think yes.

Also, we had some IRS problems where they were all like, "You didn't pay your taxes!" and we were all like, "Um. Yes we did. Here. Have the receipts."

Death and Taxes. The only things in life that are sure.

This post could end there and be pretty negative, but I have to brag on our amazing God and my hardworking husband a little.

An hour after our sad little episode with our mouse, Matthew got a raise. Hooray for the Lord's everlasting provision!

 But yes, there will be more taxes because of that raise. :) It's just how life works.

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  1. Aw I'm sorry about your mouse, thats sad. Will you get another one so the one left doesn't get lonely! We spotted one in the flat the other day (eek!!) all the rain outside has forced them indoors - your welcome to that one :-) xox


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