thrifty thursday:brass toilet paper holder

"Enough with the brass already! Your house is going to look like an old lady threw up in it."

That was you speaking and, to be frank, it was rude. My brass hoarding is justified in that I have old lady taste and I'm not ashamed. :)

Plus, this was made in India. Minor correction to previous statement: I have world traveler old lady taste, which is (obviously) way classy. Doesn't it kinda sing "Arabian Nights" to you? I'm tempted to link it up so you can daydream about magic carpets for the rest of the post.

Also, I bought eight plates today. These are the Corelle tea cup kind...

... and these are the Thanksgiving dinner kind. Not just in color pallet, but also in "I can hold the whole turkey if you need me to" size.

I hardly ever buy pictures or prints, but I fell in love with this little nautical print. In general, I shy away from beachy/touristy things {having grown up 10 miles from the ocean}, but this one was too sweet to pass up.

I can almost picture the family who owns that boat and the children who run up and down that dock. 

Speaking of 10 miles from the ocean, I was definitely house shopping online today and I'm pretty excited about all the square footage that we will gain in that move {which is still a year away}. :)

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