It has been years since I've quilted. Mostly because we currently have one bedroom, one bed, and more than enough blankets to keep us roasty. But, where I used to think of quilts as a blanket that an old lady tosses over a tattered couch, lately I think of them as hand sewn goodness with a story and a purpose.

When I went home last weekend, my Grandmother gave me a box full of fabrics that a friend of hers wanted me to have. It was just the kick in the pants that I needed. I've been searching through my pin boards and here are the different ones that have caught my eye.

My problem isn't which fabrics to pair together, or how to arrange them; My problem is that I'm a fan of long triangles, right triangles, squares, and honeycomb patterns. I still haven't decided which direction we are headed with this one. As always, I'll keep ya posted. You can give input if you want. We'll probably make all them eventually.

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