thrifty thursday: wooden stove

Dude, my kids are gonna have biceps. Not just from all the pancake flipping they'll be doing on their new stove, but from lugging it around. Yes, it's portable and it weighs a solid ton. I exaggerate.

I had promised myself that I would stop looking at kid's toys in thrift stores. We aren't even pregnant... So what did Goodwill start doing? Putting the best toys right next to the counter, so that seeing them isn't optional. But.

  • It's Melissa & Doug {favorite kid's brand}.
  • It's gender neutral.
  • It's wooden {hence the wieght}.
  • It has a magnetic clasp to keep it from falling open {everything is more legit with a magnetic clasp}.
  • It has a handle.
  • The knobs turn.
  • The sugar bowl is adorable.
  • There's major storage under the stove {from the side} for all the wooden pots and pans we will eventually have.
  • It was $7. Almost too much, but not quite. Just perfect.

Hey good looking, whatcha got cookin? :) Actually, there's Cranberry Pumpkin Bread in the oven, and I'm about to whip up some Chicken Quesadillas. I rock at this whole making food thing, and now our kiddos will too. :)

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  1. I guess I will be passing the wooden stove on to your sister. It works out well since there is only one of them.


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