dresser love

When we got married, all of our furniture was either hand-me-down or curb pick up. Literally, every piece. That doesn't bother us. We're totally cool with taking in orphans around here.

But, only some of our hand-me-down furniture fit our style. Some of our starter stuff has great lines and gets to stay, but the dressers were too ornate for our taste {not to mention huge and heavy}. They served their purpose for over a year, but yesterday while Matthew and I were walking through a local thrift store, I fell in love.

Like a running, jumping up and down like a fool, and gasping for air kind of love.

With the new dresser as the foundation, I got busy. I adore the new look. It's like a giant leap toward "You can finally see our style in here!"

Rhino: From Haiti {Gift}
Tray: Thrifted {Gift}
Cork Board: Saved from the curb and recovered with a $0.10 pillowcase
Mirror: Yard Sale $3
Dresser: Thrifted $60
Jewelry Bowl: Target Clearance $1.50

Dresser, thanks for being all my dreams come true. And for having fabulous legs. Really. Thanks.

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