blueberries and blessings: all things in abundance

Most of you know that I'm a nanny. I don't know how many of you know what Matthew does. When we began our marriage, {and many years before} he was in landscaping. Unfortunately, landscaping is a seasonal job and in the winter he had to pick up two part time jobs just to keep us in the black. We decided this was our last winter of landscaping especially with that company {the situation hadn't been what was originally promised to us}.

 Then, out of the blue, {in God's perfect timing} someone who I knew years ago called and said that God had laid Matt on his heart. He offered him a job at Fish Window Cleaning. Matthew started a little over a month ago, and he has already been told he's up for a raise. People rave and rave about how he's the best they've ever had and for the first time since we've been married, a job appreciates his meticulous work ethic. Blessing.

The paychecks have been amazing, but we're trying to save as much as we can. So, I got online and found a virtual assistant job {sending daily text messages and reminders + doing things that can be done online from a different state}. It's brought in a little extra cash flow. Blessing.

Recently, one of my best friends has been working on a farm. It's not only her job, but her new found passion. Also, it's blueberry season. So when Kirshtin informed us that she needed help picking in the evenings, Matthew and I both took it as an answer to prayer. We get off work, eat dinner together and then head out to pick blueberries until the sun sets. It's cash in the bank. Blessing.

Miraculously, {yes, I do believe that extra jobs are miracles} the farmer offered Matt a legit job in the evenings. Now, I'm a nanny/personal assistant/blueberry picker and Matthew is a window washer/farm hand. Any day now we'll have enough money saved to buy that home in Virginia. God has been so faithful to us.

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