weekend trip

To finish off my birthday week, on Friday we are heading to Nashville to visit with Matt's sister and her husband. I am so excited! I keep mentally packing. Pray it doesn't rain on us. :)

On the flip side, I got rain boots for my birthday, so bring on the rain! :)

Midterms are next week, but I refuse to study on this trip. Instead I will spend my time spending my birthday money on flea market finds and stuffing myself to the max. Me=Excited. Of course I'll be documenting the trip{along with my fabulous finds} and sharing them {mommy will be so proud}. 

How bout a small recap of my birthday week? Cupcakes, kite flying, pearls, and nesting dolls. See? Ok, only half of those are pictured. But I'll show you my nesting dolls and pearls later. :)

Oh, and yes. Matthew did decorate all of my cupcakes {how adorable is he??}, and our kite is a pteranodon. :)

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  1. Matt decorates cupcakes??? I learn more each day ;)


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