our weekend in Nashville

This past weekend we hopped in our Accord and headed to Nashville for a much needed break/opportunity to spend some birthday cash.

I'm going to go ahead and say it. Nashville tops Knoxville any day {sorry, natives}. :)

 Here's a quick over view of our weekend in pictures. They are entirely phone pictures; you've been warned.

The full size Parthenon at World Fair Park

The "American Pickers" store

The awesome indoor arboretum at the Grand Ole Opry Hotel

Ice Cream in Downtown Nashville

Our tour guides. :)
Way more happened this weekend.

 Picture the largest flea market in the world, Chinese food, creamy popsicles, hugemongous Goodwill bins, breakfast at the Loveless cafe, art museums, Vanderbilt campus tours, and additional shopping. Sorry I was spotty on the photo taking, but we did bring a bunch of Nashville home with us. I don't mean t-shirts and post cards {through we did mail ourselves a post card while we were there}. I mean less touristy things. Things like a hammock.

Sharon got this hammock in South America, but didn't have the space for it, and now it's hanging pretty in Powell, TN. Lucky Powell. 

Loverly, eh? :) I have so much to show you, but it's midterms week so everything is on hold. I will be back tomorrow afternoon to announce the winner of my print giveaway. There's still time to enter! 

So what did you do with this lovely February weather? Pose for pictures in your new hammock? No, just me?

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