writing a letter

Not an email, not a text message, but a hand-written {sealed in envelope and topped with a stamp} letter. I haven't written one since I sent out the thank you cards for our wedding and honestly, those weren't even "letters". I'm so tired of our non-personal, quick, and easy ways of "communicating". I want my children to know more about communication than you can learn in a chat room where a sentence is allowed to look like this...

"ya. i kno rite?"

Ick. So, we the Knoxville Nowaks have made a little deal with ourselves. We're going to hand write a letter to someone back home, once a week. It'll give me a chance to work on my handwriting some and keep in touch with people who I haven't talked to in awhile. Maybe they'll write back. Maybe our mailbox will overflow with friendly handwritten letters. Here's hoping!

Plus as a bonus, the post office is only a mile and a half away, so we can get in our 3 mile walk as we mail our letters. Matthew wrote his first one already {to his Granddad} and I think I will write my first one to my sister Bekah, since I sort of think of her as one of my kids ;)

If you want a letter, message me your address on facebook! I adore starting good habits.

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  1. first time visit to your blog & it's so sweet! popping in to say hello!


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