insight to Amanda's soul

Which could also be called "Christmas present recap".

This is a non-exclusive compiling of the fabulous things gifted to me this Christmas. Some things {ornaments, clothes, etc.} are stored away already, but these are a few of my favorite things {feel free to now hum that song to yourself while you read}. 

Let's start at the very beginning {I'm on a Sound of Music roll tonight}. Awhile back I posted about needing more scarves. In fact, I specified. Long, silky, vintage scarves. 

*insert cloud parting angelic choir sound*

Yeah, I got some. I have fabulous sisters-in-law. However, probably my favorite present this year, is a different scarf. It isn't silky or vintage, but hand made. My mother took the time to {re}learn how to crochet, look up how to make scarves, and make me a mustard colored one. Best gift hands down.

My sister-in-law Chris manages a thrift store and found me this gorgeous vintage platter. This thing will be put to good use at parties, but it's so pretty it had to have a shelf. 

I don't think I've ever mentioned that I collect salt & pepper shakers. I do. Not like the "cute" ones shaped like squirrels {though I did that for awhile}. I collect only fabulous ones. Preferably from other countries. My Grandmother gave me this strawberry set for Christmas. It's sitting pretty in our China Cabinet.

Check out our bathmat {ignore the stained tub. i promise it's clean}. Can anyone guess what we named him? 

I don't know if you can call it a collection when we only have a handful, but I adore hardback, antique books. Even more if they come in a book sleeve. That red and blue beauty is new to the neighborhood.

My future sister-in-law Jewel gave me this jewelry hanger. Yes, I'm a sucker for birds. And jewelry.

My brother Chris bought us these adorable salad tongs. We've needed them for seven months now. Aww, so round and happy looking {i'm sorry if the mismatch jumble bothers you. it's working for us}

This picture showcases our last two featured Christmas presents. If you were here in person I'd make you guess. Cup and bowl? Nope. That's our every day set that we registered for at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Tablecloth? A hand me down from my late Great-Grandmother{love}. Those yellow submarine "ice cubes"? Yes. From Bekah. I love reuseable ice cubes. 

What's the second thing? A hillshire farm "yard o' beef". We ran out of chicken so we've been improvising. Delicious improv if I do say so myself. 

{If you haven't read our diy open shelving post you should. Five of my favorite Christmas presents are there.}

So, as a review: I like home decor, food, antiques, jewelry, scarves, and whales. Yep, I'm predictably Amanda.

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