it's {almost} the most wonderful time of the year!

It's finals week. I have so much I want to share with you guys. I want to show you around our home {since it keeps smacking me in the face, that you've only seen projects and not the whole deal}, but first I have to get through 6 more finals. Hoping for all high As, but really I'll just be happy when it's over. Next semester I only have 13 credits, which {since I've never had less than 18} makes me feel like a total bum, but I'll get to devote more time to making this apartment a beautiful place for us to live. And really, that's where my heart is.

By the way, did you know it's December? Here's a picture of me in my winter jacket, snuggling with my sweater blanket to prove it.

Yes, I am this bundled up inside. We're saving electricity, and I'm enjoying the extra snuggle time with Matthew when he is home. :)

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