400 little white lights.

Selah is singing "What child is this?" while my husband and I sit on our couch feeling pretty accomplished. When I rearranged the living room last week, I thought it was just for a change. It wasn't. It was so we could enjoy the starry glow of our Christmas tree from the perfect angle.

It's like a thousand happy fireflies. It's perfect.

Matthew took the job of "electrician".

I decorated some of the white bulbs a month or so ago.

We bought a couple of ornaments at Target.

Here's a closer overall view.

You can barely see the ornaments from the glow of sheer awesomeness, but we only have a handful. A couple from England, a couple from Target, and then I have one random pineapple ornament that I'm pretty sure my Grandmother gave me... but I don't remember where it was from. Hey, speaking of my Grandmother...

Today we got mail. Not a bill {either for us, or some dude who used to live here}, a magazine, or a coupon page. Legit mail. Two Christmas cards and an early Christmas present. My Grandmother {Hill} sent us a Christmas table runner from Germany.

Pretty and festive, huh? Here's the dining room table set up.

Just a little Christmasy ribbon hot glued to canning jars, filled with berries and pine. The center thing is {randomly} a German advent tradition that my mom had when we were growing up, and I got one because I think it's awesome. Cutest little spinning wooden manger scene ever. {Yes, I know it's supposed to have candles, but we're poor ok?} And for those of you who are the curious type, the books are "The pastor in prayer", "Alice in Wonderland", and "Farewell to arms." Yes, that's a pretty wide range.

Christmas decorating is finished here in apartment number eight. Have ya'll finished? Did you know that those tacky huge blow up things people put on their front lawns cost over $100 a pop? Do you like to use the same theme every year, or change it up?

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