It's over. Like the wisp of a birthday candle as it fades into blackness before you switch back on the light. I feel like a grandmother, but I speak the truth. Each year just gets faster and faster. 

This year was a pretty big deal for me. I finished the first half of my college career this year. I officially moved away from Virginia Beach this year. Mostly though, I married the man of my dreams this year. That day was an even smaller wisp. 1/365 of the smoke a candle lets out. Can you imagine? Barely a recognizable bit of life, but such a glorious day. 

Just a couple of days ago I got my wedding pictures in. It has been almost seven months, but these pictures are fresh to my eyes. I wish she had taken more pictures of Matt, but it's nice to have something to show for the day. 

Happy New Year from the Nowaks! We're ringing it in with some Indian food and rooftop kisses. New traditions I'm pretty sure.  

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