combination faucet

This post is one of those "every day" seemingly pointless posts. We got a new faucet in our {only} bathroom.

"So what?" You say. I understand what you mean. Even normal, ugly faucets are fine temporarily. Our faucet was not normal. Our faucet was trick-sy. Our faucet had no shut off point. Both knobs went around and around and around without ever reaching a "stop". Sure, at some point in the round and round, the water would turn off, but then no matter which way you went {even slightly} the water would come right back on. It wasn't horrible when you only wanted to use one knob {for brushing your teeth or something}, but when you wanted to wash your hands with warm water and you turned both knobs on, it was like a horrible game to turn it off. There was no way to gauge it. There wasn't even an H on the hot and a C on the cold. There was no "Well just get the knobs straight, and it should turn off." No. It was a guessing game. It was a combination safe that you didn't know the combination to. Yikes.

We had gotten used to it. You had to add a couple of seconds to every bathroom visit to make sure the water wasn't dripping, but it wasn't bad. Our poor guests. They would come out with a perplexed look and mumble ashamedly, "Um, I had trouble with your faucet." It was getting a little old.

A couple of days ago our apartment owner called and asked if we were having any leaks. I guess they had an abnormally high water bill {we aren't the only apartment on the bill} and were just checking up. We told them the only issue had been the faucet, but it wasn't consistently running. Today they came out and installed a new faucet.

It's really the little things in life that make me the most excited. Little things like having an "H" and a "C" on the knobs. Little things like having a stopper in our sink. Little things like saving up the seconds we were spending in the bathroom to spend somewhere else. :)

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