hand-dyed love birds

While we were home, my brother Andrew gave us a wedding present. It amazes me how spread out the cards and presents have been. It's been like an on going celebration. :) Andrew and I are both semi-crafty. We enjoy the same sort of awesome things. He had already told me that it was something I could hang on the wall, and so {as an art sucker} I was excited. When we walked into my parents house Andrew met us at the door with, "I hand dyed this shirt." Not even, "Hey Amanda and Matt! I hand dyed this shirt." He just got straight to the important stuff. Well, it turns out that our present was equally important. Andrew found a picture of two love birds and decided to hand-dye white tee-shirts, cut them up, and then sew them together to make us a super unique piece of art. Here it is. Fabulous, right? :)

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