This past weekend we visited our good friend Amelia at her Aunt's house right outside of Atlanta (Yes, this is the same girl we visited at her Grandmother's house in Chattanooga). We spent the first day playing board games, watching Sense and Sensibility (still unsure how I feel about such dramatic movies), and swimming in their fantastic pool.

The next day we spent quite differently. We began by climbing a mountain. Whether Amelia properly informed us of said climbing is debatable, but regardless, I was not prepared. I'd be lying if I said I didn't almost die climbing it. Was it really that bad? No, probably not. But I haven't attempted to do anything quite that adventurous in a good long while. Anyways, here was the view.

Next, we went to some adorable park-like square with food, dessert, eclectic, and antique shops. We had lunch at a delicious little cafe, and then moved on to another shop for ice cream. My favorite stop {as you can imagine} was the large antique mall. We wandered through the entire store, and while I loved many things, I managed to not commit myself to any of them. Truth be told, I was on a mission. I was looking for a pot {or vase, or bowl} to house the chocolate mint plant that my husband had purchased for me. The first trip through, though long and thorough {wow, that sentence was kinda a tongue twister for the eyeballs} yielded no such pot. I was rather disappointed, but we started to head slowly back toward the front of the store. As with all good stories, this one has a happy ending. As we neared the door, I noticed a beautiful little teapot that was clothed in a color somewhere between blue and green. It was unassuming and missing its top. A teapot missing its top is not much good for making tea, however it is the perfect substitute for a boring pot. The only wall to conquer now was the price. I hesitantly flipped over the price tag. $7.00. This teapot and I were going to be friends. :) 

It was only a two day trip, but it was relaxing. I'll end this post with a picture of the fountain in the middle of the square. It has a sort of "thank you for coming" presence and seems fitting.

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