laundry mat

Being a helpmeet to a landscaper means many different things.
1. It means I wake up at 5:20 to make him breakfast before he goes to work
2. It means if it's raining I get to see more of him.
3. It means that his socks, pants, and shirts get dirtier than normal.

This week I experienced something for the first time. I can't tell you if it was a positive or negative experience, but I can tell you that I took it all in and learned some new things.
1. It takes two and a half hours to do one load of clothes at the laundry mat.
2. If you put in more laundry detergent than "recommended" the washer doesn't spew bubbles until the whole room is covered. {disappointment}
3. Small friendly children entertain themselves at laundry mats by doing "magic tricks" with their happy meal toys for strangers.
4. The drink machine does not take coins, and gives hobbit sized water bottles for seventy-five cents.

All in all, I'd say the trip was a good one. I accomplished what I came to accomplish and my little red piggy is a little less full.

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