One year's difference

In May of 2016, Matthew, Charlotte, and I had our first outdoor family photoshoot. I had started Trim Healthy Mama five months before and had already lost forty pounds! I was feeling skinny and vibrant and well on my way! Choosing our outfits carefully, I thought, "These will be the photos that sit in frames for the rest of our lives!!"

One year later, following the Trim Healthy Mama diet faithfully has transformed our family. Matt saw the changes in my body and energy and jumped on plan with me, filling in the gaps where I'm weakest, making on plan chocolate syrup for our unsweetened vanilla almond milk and keeping our freezer stocked with payoff day candies. Together we've lost over a hundred pounds. I'm so thankful for this way of eating and the life it has breathed back into our marriage. Not only have there been weight loss and energy benefits, but I've also learned about food and what our bodies need it for in this process. This plan has taught me how to fuel our babykid in healthy ways that help her to gain weight while we lose.

If you're on the fence about starting, grab the book. The sooner you start, the sooner you can look at yourself in family pictures and choose the ones with the best smiles instead of searching through them for the ones where your arms look skinniest or you have the least double chin. Am I right, mamas?

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