Family Focus

  • Matt put in his notice at his window cleaning job, and in less than two weeks he starts a new job for Atlantic Electric, with better pay, overtime, and benefits! We're thanking God for this next step for our family! He's also tearing out the wall beside our stairs to put in a built-in-bookshelf, moving the closet in our bedroom, and putting an on-suite half bath in too! That's a long term project, so you'll see the changes as they progress.
  • I started a pottery class at the beginning of January (which you've seen if you follow me on Instagram), and, to be honest, I kind of hated it at first. I was having trouble making anything, but it turns out my clay was just too hard, and now that it's wet enough, I'm feeling comfortable with my groove! This week we're also starting Financial Peace University, and I'm geeking out over fun things like budgeting, saving, and investing. Yes, this is my serious face. As far as my weight, I'm holding steady at 129, which is so close to my goal of 128 that it's almost acceptable. Hoping to reach goal before God gives us another babe, but also totally ready for another babe. Also, I gave an Introduction talk to Trim Healthy Mama, which is fast paced and stuffed with information, if you're interested.
  • Charlotte has been walking along everything, from walls, to furniture, to toys, to us, and she'll let go of things and just stand. She's so close to stepping away and walking. No hurry, baby. She dances now, to even the mildest songs, and it's adorable. Hands up and bounce. We're thankful for that baby kid.

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