Colonial Williamsburg

On the Friday after Thanksgiving we skipped the usual Black Friday madness, stopping only at the Apple Store to pick up our new laptop (family investment! whoop, whoop!), before we headed out to Colonial Williamsburg to spend the day wandering through old fashioned shops, sipping apple cider, and picking up little Christmas gifts for family members. Charlotte touched a horse for the first time, and we spent some intentional time just sitting together, grinding grass stains into our clothes, examining leaves, and talking about our time in Williamsburg as children.

Matt and I have started the slow+sacred advent by Jennifer Naraki (one of the ladies in my favorite podcast: At Home). I've never done any sort of advent before, and it's a beautiful collection of reminders that God sent His Son Jesus to us. That's the ultimate gift. The only everlasting gift.

As we enter December and we're tempted to get overwhelmed with activities and duties and traditions, take time to love your family. Take time let the Holy Spirit work His fruit in your life: Love. Joy. Peace. Longsuffering. Gentleness. Goodness. Faith. Meekness. Temperance.

I could use more of those fruits in my life. How about you?

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