Christmas Decorations 2016

This year, because we were bringing both of our families into our bitsy, lovely home for Charlotte's Winter One-derland , we decided to save floor space by not getting a full-sized tree. Charlotte had to be told a couple of times the first day that she wasn't allowed to touch the tiny tree, and she's been blissfully uninterested ever since. Last night we decorated my local Grandparent's full-sized tree, and Charlotte was mesmerized and curious. We'll be back there on Christmas Day, and we'll see how she does.

This year we added to our usual Christmas decor. First off, I made a giant macrame wall hanging, which is suspended into our living room by fishing line (mainly for Charlotte's birthday party). I'm going to put it up for sale soon. Message me on Facebook if you're interested. Another new addition this year: LIGHTS! Instead of just decorating the front porch, this year Matt strung the roof line with giant, bright white lights. A picture of those lights would be included in this post if my camera hadn't died as I stepped outside to capture the house at dusk. Thankfully, I was able to snap a picture of Charlotte waving to me just before it died, which is way more precious than any well decorated home.

We have the opportunity this Christmas to spend some time with of our family up North, and we're so excited to spend time as a family in the SNOW and enjoy the time with our relatives. All the white. All the pictures.

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