Eating veggies picked from the earth in our backyard gives me the feeling that we're using our home to its full advantage, not just as walls and a roof to shelter us from the rain and wind, but as a home.

Our spot of land.

Our home hasn't sold yet. Not for lack of positive reviews after showings; we just haven't found the perfect family for our little home. They'll come, and even if they don't, worst case scenario, we'll stay in the adorable home we've had the privilege of loving for three years already. But I do feel that God has placed the dream of moving and growing, closer to the church on more land, in our hearts and daydreams, and we're trusting in His timing for our family.

Every year we let the garden take up a tiny bit more of the backyard, until we're growing pumpkins and spaghetti squash along side the tomatoes and green beans, and turning cucumbers into pickle snacks to last us till next garden.

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