Memorial Point: Lake Tahoe

By the time we reached this spot on Lake Tahoe, I had curled up the best I could with my seatbelt on, and I was trying to catch up on the sleep we had lost the night before. When Matt pulled into the lookout, I cringed. I hadn't even fallen asleep, and I was so very tired. He had been excited about trying to find a spot he remembered fondly, so if we were pulling over, he had found it. I overcame my desire for sleep, and sat up, noting the snow building on the windshield. I'm so glad that I put aside my selfishness, climbed out of the car, and walked down the hill to the boulder covered shore.

This spot was a highlight on our trip. Possibly my favorite time we spent together. As a family, with Matt bravely and expertly wearing Charlotte, we moved from rock to rock: jumping, climbing. I don't know what else to tell you, except that the pictures don't do it justice. If you're going to Lake Tahoe (which I recommend), and you have children or a sense of adventure, I recommend carving out an afternoon to climb around these rocks in the sunshine and take in the marvelous views.

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