Hellman-Ehrman Mansion: Lake Tahoe

I had chosen this portion of Lake Tahoe for a mansion that was recommended to us. The mansion wasn't open yet for tourists, but the Sugar Pine Point State Park that the mansion resides in had some beautiful trees and views of Lake Tahoe. We would have probably stayed out longer, but the air was biting and our infant, though a trooper, had a red little nose that ushered back to the warmth of the rental car.

This was my first view of Lake Tahoe, and I was surprised by the waves lapping against the shore. I had imagined it as a still body of water; glassy, like many lakes I've seen. Instead it was a moving, lively lake with snow capped mountains in the distance; unlike any lake I've ever seen.

We drove the entire border of Lake Tahoe, stopping at many picturesque points, but if there's any part of the trip I wish we had done differently, it would be Lake Tahoe. I wish we'd gotten a cabin near the Lake and made day trips to San Fransisco and Reno. Someday, when we have a van full of children to take, I'd like to return to Lake Tahoe as a family.

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