She took a nice long break from giving us a good night's sleep, and then (for the past two nights!!) decided to only wake up once a night again. Days with her are easy and full of snuggles, and if the nights stay easy, we'll be on our way to being well-rested soon.

Last week, I took Maura and Charlotte out together all by myself for the first time. We went to a thrift store I'd missed visiting, and, at first, everything went swimmingly. We shopped with no break-downs, selfishness, or crying, and, as we headed to the check-out line, I'll admit to feeling quite accomplished. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be much of a story if we had climbed into our warm car and headed home. No, as we gathered our bags together and started to push the cart back, I felt my pockets for my car keys and came up wanting. We plopped our selves down on the (probably very dirty) floor by the door and removed tags from our goodies as we watched the snow fall. We still didn't have any meltdowns, and Charlotte slept like a champ, but my husband having to rescue us on our first outing definitely knocked my accomplishment down a couple of rungs.

I've lost eight pounds since I started focusing on eating well two weeks ago. The cookbook for Trim, Healthy Mamas has been super helpful, and I'm excited to continue this journey.

Have you made any resolutions that you're sticking to so far this year? How about ever taken a baby and a toddler out and not locked your keys in your car? Both are accomplishments.

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