Charlotte's nursery

 Years ago, we got a shelf from Matt's mom that she had had as a child. I painted it emerald green, and it held napkins and other textiles in our dining room for a while. When we moved into this house, it sat in the hallway for a while until I decided it was too cramped for a piece of furniture. So, the green shelf moved into the nursery, where it sat holding blankets and bath soap, waiting for Christian to be born.

After we lost Christian, I left the nursery the way that it was. Still, nothing girly hangs on the walls, but we're nearing the third trimester, and we need to start thinking about actually decorating with Charlotte's little life in mind. At thrift the other day, I found a green chair that was so exactly the same color as the shelf, that I (asked the owner to knock $5 off it, so it was only $15 and then) bought it. There's also a crib and a dresser in the room (not pictured), but we need to start adding little details (mostly wall art) to round off the room.

Max wanted to be in every picture I took this morning.

Here are some of the things I've been looking at that may end up on the nursery walls, softening the room and whispering goodnight to the tiny lady.

I'm hoping, in the end, the nursery will say, "A baby girl Nowak sleeps and plays and discovers the world from this spot."

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