paperwork for the adoption

Our first home study meeting is planned for this coming Tuesday, so we've been filling out mounds of paperwork and trying to keep cookie crumbs off all the official documents. The paperwork is the process for us to become foster parents, because the boys are in foster care in Arizona, and the easiest way to transfer them through the states is from one foster family to another. So, this meeting is really nothing. I mean, technically, we could fail the interviews or something, but I imagine that would be hard to do. This interview is just a step forward.

We feel mostly blind going into the first meeting, like we're stepping through the hoops they place in front of us until they either say, "The fathers got their sons." or "The foster family was a better resource." or "You're going to have 4 babies this year (Christian included)."

Pray that Matt and I will be sensitive to what the Lord has for our family. There are lots of children who need families, and we're certainly not called to give them all homes, but these boys were dropped in our laps, and Matt has been praying for years that God will give us the children that no one else wants.

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