our finished kitchen

First, can we take a moment to look at the before pictures? Wood paneling. Dark cabinets that half cover the window. A drop ceiling. Linoleum floors. These pictures were taken when we closed on our house. Now, a little over a year later, we've finished the slow, beautiful process of updating!!

We drywalled, painted, tiled the main wall, laid bamboo flooring, removed the drop ceiling, raised and painted cabinets etc. etc. etc. I'll just re-add the ones that show the kitchen before/after at the same angles. It's been a rewarding process.

What's your favorite part? Mine is just how much bigger everything looks when it's painted white. Delish.


  1. I love how bright and cheerful it is!! Beautiful work!

  2. Girl, you've inspired me! We're coming up on a year at our house & we haven't done too much at all. Thank you for the motivation! It looks amazing- enjoy your new space!

    1. You've gotta take little steps in order to get it done! It felt like we were always in the middle of something, our kitchen all a mess, but it's nice to finally be done!


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