baby stuff: wooden toys and cloth diapers

When we found out we were expecting our first little goosecake, there were decisions to be made. There are one hundred different directions to go on what you choose is (or is not) important. Let's start with something that we've put on the "no, thank you" list.

To quote Land of Nod, "Toys that run on pure imagination; Batteries not required." That's not to say that if you buy us a battery operated kid's toy we're going to return it immediately without thanking you, but, after thanking you for your kindness, we will return it. It's not what we're in to. What do we want for our babies instead? 

See? Other things too, when they're older. Play food, dolls, puzzles, blocks. etc. etc. etc. The point isn't to limit them, it's to expand them.

Something else we are going a less traditional route on is the diaper department. Yes, we will register for some newborn diapers, so that while I'm low on sleep and new to this whole mommy thing, I can do what I already know so well, but after the first month or two, we're going to use cloth diapers. If other people have done their math well, it will save us thousands of dollars on the first baby alone. We'll be pouncing on these on Black Friday to save all the pennies we can. When Matt was talking about it earlier today he said, "I've never changed a diaper before, so it's not like I'll have to adjust." 

Cloth diaper

There are other things too, that we're thinking about/registering for. I'll write you another post when I round some of them up. All that really matters is that we keep this baby safe and teach it about our Savior, but if we can poke its imagination early and save some pennies on diaper duty, we'll do those things too. 

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