invisible letters

We've been working on the kitchen again, and in case you're wondering where sanding drywall falls in my list of favorite house tasks, it's low-low-low. But, I got a fluffy duster wand, and it's actually inspired me to flit around the house on tip-toe singing merry, little tunes to myself (and removing dust), so that's a house cleaning win.

Chris and Jewel made it safely to China, and today my best friend leaves for there as well. Maybe we should all just go to China for a couple of years (kidding, mom). I'm excited to hear all about their adventures and you can keep up with them on their blog: http://chrisandjewelpearson.blogspot.com.

Our new additions to the living room are pretty difficult to see (because they're see-through), but if you look really closely at the top shelf and the next shelf, you can faintly see the outlines of our letters. An "A" up top and an "M" on the next shelf. Lucite letters. So pretty and invisible. Obviously, I did not pay (anywhere near) as much for them as the link, cause I'm cheap (TJMaxx), but I should have gotten a close up cause they're pretty, pretty, pretty.

The little girl I watch turned one. One is gigantically old.

I hope your August is productive, your garden is growing, and your babies have kissable cheeks!

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