check in the box

Walls and ceiling primed and painted. Light hung. (!!!!) Yay for progress! Next step is window and door trim, followed by tiling. Last night Matt and I were talking about what bliss it will be to be finished working on the house and just get to do the projects we want to do.

Tonight we're taking a break from our kitchen to pray as a church for a discipleship program we want to start. I'm excited to find my part in it. Also, Matt and I are praying about what Matt should do for a job continuing on. He's not sure he's supposed to go back to school (even though we're saving toward that end), there's no reason to leave his current job (other than the possibility of something better), and he can't get restarting his own business out of his head. So, we're hoping for a direct answer to prayer there.

On top of kitchen work (and actual work) yesterday, last night we visited my parent's house for family night, saw my childhood kitty, taught Bekah how to eat Indian food with her hands, played heads up, and searched in vain for a decent teaser to the new Star Wars movie.

So thankful for home, family, and progress!


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