around the house- august

My brother and his wife are on a forever long plane ride to China, and our life is slipping back into a two-person home. Pray for them today as they finish their traveling! It was so nice to have another lady around to talk to, but last night we slept with the door open, and that was refreshing too. Life in August is fast-paced, with barely enough daylight to keep up with the dishes. I've started a paint-by-numbers (when I should have been doing those dishes), inspired by that same lady, and it's crazy relaxing. As you can see, our garden is out of control, growing way past the boundaries we thought should contain it and producing (!!!!) watermelon! Color me excited!


  1. I'm super jealous that you have watermelon in your garden.

    1. It's been super easy to grow! I'm excited to harvest them!


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