Is anyone surprised by the amount of pictures I have of mountains covered in green while in the "green mountain" state? Believe it or not, this is the whittled down version of all of those pictures. After my brother's wedding, we continued north to my second favorite state: Vermont. I'm a fan of every V state in the fifty. My dad grew up here, and we used to visit his family several times a year. The weather is down-right pleasant, and when you collect so many happy memories in one place, the area takes on a childhood innocence.

We toured the Ben & Jerry's factory where we became thankful for the sinus problems they had which affected their taste buds. Without those problems they would have stopped adding vanilla when everyone else did and wouldn't have ended up with the crazy strong flavors that make them the best. We also toured the Cabot creamery, home of my favorite cheese. Sure, the reason behind my favorite ice cream and favorite cheese might be linked to the childhood memories of touring/eating up there, but regardless, they're the best, and we saw it all first hand last week.

My favorite part of the time we spent in Vermont (and our reason for going up), was to visit the places that make it "Vermont" for me. That'll be another post, since there might already be fifty pictures in this one, but I'm glad to have a good camera to capture God's creation and gifts to me. Someday when we're old, this'll be "that trip we took for our third anniversary up to New England when we were just babies."

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