spring break

Life has been so full lately. Full of family, school, nyquil, and snowballs. Spring break started today at 3:30, and I've been catching up on old work (sorry, boss) since then. My days are packed to the hilt, and I find it's removing my common sense. For example? I left my car running ALL night recently. Not in a garage or driveway. No, sirree. Instead, it was running in the parking lot between a bar and a gold exchange (a.k.a. our apartment complex parking lot). Thankfully(?), it was locked. Let's just be honest. It's a blessing from God that we still have two cars.

It's funny, how full I thought life was before student teaching. Now, instead of sitting and taking notes in a class, I am TEACHING a note-taking class. Trust me; It's more work to teach than to study. Have I mentioned that spring break started today? Have I mentioned that I will be a college graduate in less than two months? 

Hoping to slow down this week and breathe a little.

p.s. I'm sorry my blog is so boring lately. My blog is just a snapshot (not literally, since I never take pictures) of my life, and life is too full to be interesting right now.

Hopefully this week, I'll get some happy posts in. Thanks for sticking around. Seriously.


  1. Grandma Kathy3/9/13, 10:35 AM

    Hope this makes you chuckle. I accidentally locked my keys in my running van with a full tank of gas when one of the hurricanes was bearing down on us. It took over 3 hours for the locksmith to get through the flooding to unlock my van

    1. Haha! At least I'm not the only one! :)


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